22 April 2015 is Earth Day!

Even if you are not into environmental issues, the fact that our food supply is so closely linked to the earth makes it an event to support.
Here are some simple ways that every person can play their part.


Support our Earth

  • Save electricity - switch off what you don't use and reduce the use of appliances that use a lot of power, especially in areas where load-shedding is in effect
  • Save water - showering uses less water than baths, catch and reuse your rainwater run-off and be conscious of conserving this precious resource where you can
  • Recyle - there are many places that will collect glass, aluminium and paper waste
  • Use a compost heap for organic waste, which you can use in your veggie garden
  • Plant that veggie garden if you don't have one, and enjoy home-grown produce
  • Support local suppliers - this cuts down on the impact of transporting food
  • Plant indigenous trees and plants - they use less water and are kind to the ecosystem
  • Make your garden bird, bee and butterfly friendly (they assist with cross pollination)
  • Avoid pesticides and herbicides in your garden
  • Start a car pool - cut down on emissions by sharing a car if you can
  • Use energy saving light bulbs in your house if you aren't already
  • Cut out littering - keep it clean and keep it green

And don't forget to spread the news to your friends, colleagues and kids.

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