Audit & Certification Services

When it comes to food safety auditing and certification, Intertek has the solutions to meet your company's needs. We offer food safety audits, SIZA audits, food safety systems certification (FSSC) 22000 certification, integrated audits and more.


Food Safety Audits:

Safe food is a fundamental right and any suppliers in the food chain have an ethical, moral and legal obligation to provide safe food to all consumers.

Increased consumer awareness, globalisation and the demand for safe food has led the food industry to implement effective food safety management systems. Many standards have been developed in different countries by different organisations in the food sector. This has led to a large number of standards that make it, from a cost and resource point of view, almost impossible to comply with.

After extensive research and development, the FSA®  audit was modelled on food safety certification, based on internationally recognised standards



SIZA Audits:

The programme was established as a pro-active response by the South African fruit industry under the mantle of Fruit South Africa to promote sound and ongoing improvement of ethical labour practices on South African fruit farms and pack houses. It is an holistic programme that identifies problems that may exist, usually by way of an independent third party audit and responds with appropriate support and interventions, including awareness-raising and relevant capacity-building programmes.



Integrated Audits:

Using a combined or integrated approach across all audit criteria will help you gain efficiencies that may not be achieved by auditing individual management systems. Integrated management systems can be implemented by organizations in any sector and of any size. Organizations consider this step to lower costs and simplify their maturing management systems.



FSSC 22000 Certification:

The FSSC 22000 is an internationally recognised ISO based scheme for food safety, to protect brands and safeguard public health. It is an independent, transparent, holistic food safety scheme, with broad international acceptance. Your entire supply chain is included in a single certification, making FSSC 22000 the most comprehensive and accessible food safety management system available. The scheme incorporates existing standards including ISO 22000, sector specific PRPs and HACCP, it offers a complete certification programme in a single package, making it accessible for organisations of all sizes. FSSC 22000 is owned by an independent non-profit organisation and is fully approved by the Global Food Standard Initiative (GFSI).

As an associated certification body, we are qualified to award FSSC 22000 certificates and our experts can support you through the entire process



Additional Certification services offered by Intertek include: